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F1B Labradoodles: Product
Puppies come with first 3 vaccinations, worming, vet exam & Health Guarantee.  Puppies will housebreak quickly, and so smart and cuddly.
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Maggie is the first one to ask to be picked up.  Her soft curls are lovely, and she will be a true friend, ready to go for a jog , play tug o war, or simply flop down to cuddle while watching a movie!




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HoneyJoy is just like her name a true Joy! She will be a little smaller and is very dainty.  She will cuddle right into your heart and be a good friend, playing, going for walks or cuddling on the couch!

Noah is a strong sturdy dog.  He will be great for hikes, wrestling, and yet ready for a cuddle.  Noah loves to learn new things and is a good listener!

Eli is a quiet puppy that likes to observe before jumping in.   We love his soft curly ears and silky fur.  Eli will be a forever friend and is so smart.

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